Institutions failed

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Thomas Crooks – whose surname isn’t likely to put him on the same side as solicitors – is correct (Letters, 31 December) in his demolition of the idea that 
self-regulated professions operate in any admirable manner.

Too many UK institutions enjoy self-regulated systems that allow them to sweep away abuses and cover them in the carpet of time. The recent revelations from the time of Margaret Thatcher’s government are ample 

All “recent” revelations from past governing reveal the same deceit that, at the time it was reality, it was put across as anything but.

When governments are seen, too often belatedly, to operate in such a self-regulatory way, it should be no surprise that major institutions likewise operate. From police investigating 
police misconduct to a press complaints panel of members mainly composed of press personnel, the model from governments is 
farcically set.

However, when employees outside so-called professional institutions mis-conduct themselves they are generally sacked. To challenge their sacking they face tribunals which, although on balance are less partially comprised than lawyers investigating lawyers etc, are maybe too often without ample employee 

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive