Infighting will follow Yes vote

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MARY Lockhart’s highly 
polarised contribution to 
the “Another Voice” column 
(21 April) gives a stark warning of what might befall Scotland should independence materialise in 2014. While Scotland is traditionally instinctively left of centre, it is likely that, post-independence, a battle would break out between the far left, Labour and the SNP for control of the political and cultural future of the country.

The fact that the Scottish 
Socialist Party and its fellow travellers think that independence would be the way to 
go should sound alarm bells for anyone with a shred of common sense. There is a real possibility here that should independence ever arrive, Scotland would become a left-wing, micro-managed, over-regulated, highly taxed industrial wasteland and an adjunct of the European superstate.

Because make no mistake, the SNP would be knocking at the doors of the European Parliament, which is likewise left-wing, desperate for membership at any and all cost. However, Ms Lockhart did get one thing right: a Yes vote 
will most certainly not deliver Utopia, far from it. Indeed, we live in interesting times.

Brian Allan, Alloa