Inequality worries

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IT IS obvious why nationalists will vote Yes in the referendum. They would vote for the ruination of Scotland as long as it is to be independent. What is less obvious is why non-nationalists are prepared to vote Yes in the face of the very real possibility that such an outcome could lead to economic and societal dysfunction with, as always, those already on the margins of society paying the real price. As SNP rule has demonstrated, it puts the achievement of independence before the creation of a more egalitarian society. 

Neither have we the right to put our children’s and our grandchildren’s future wellbeing at risk in the belief that somehow a better society will emerge from all the inevitable uncertainty and turmoil. There is no evidence that it can and will. As always, what is naively perceived as being the “best”, an independent Scotland, is the enemy of the “good”, a United Kingdom in which, for all its shortcomings, we pool resources and share risks for the particular benefit of the aforementioned marginalised. There is every likelihood that inequality will increase in an independent Scotland.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive