Indy ref fantasies

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The difficulties of an untiring SNP activist in trying to put a positive spin on the referendum opinion poll figures are amply demonstrated by Alex Orr (Letters, 18 October).

But, as it always seems with any Nationalist assertion, his views owe more to wishful thinking than they do to facts.

The recent independent US international polling expert view considered every factor and precedent he mentions and dismissed them.

At this stage of a referendum campaign, to have any chance whatsoever, Nationalists such as Mr Orr wishing to break up the UK would have to be well ahead, not badly trailing as the SNP and its allies are.

The comparisons he draws with, for example, recent referendums in Ireland, are totally invalid. To liken a vote on some obscure EU matter with that of the enormity of separating this country from the others ­sharing our small island and breaking up one of the most successful unions in human history is ­nonsensical and, clearly, Mr Orr is clutching at straws.

The pro-UK side can only lose the referendum; it represents the majority, if not the great
majority, view. Those praying for the break-up of Britain can only win by default.

Alexander McKay