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Yet more embarrassment seems to be looming for First Minister Alex Salmond after more allegations that he misled parliament over green-energy jobs with 
official records being doctored to cover up the error (your 
report, 22 November).

An over-estimate of 7,000 jobs is massive and will infuriate 
anti-wind farm campaigners who question the benefits of the government’s green policy.

Did the inaccurate information come from his army of spin doctors; arise from confusion or over-enthusiasm on Mr ­Salmond’s part; or was it deliberately fed into the public domain to boost green-energy policies? We will probably never know.

The most worrying aspect is that the official parliamentary record appears to have been 
corrected without any clarification being made to parliament.

So much for honesty and transparency and with them the credibility of the First Minister who risks becoming more of a ­liability than an asset in the ­independence debate.

Bob MacDougall