‘In’ our ‘out’

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As PRIME Minister David Cameron prepares to offer a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the European Union later this month, it is clear that the only option for such a referendum is “in” or “out”.

Tory grandee Lord Heseltine has criticised the prime minister’s European strategy, saying an “ill-advised” referendum would jeopardise the UK’s business prospects and drive away inward investment, while Chancellor George Osborne has also suggested that the UK may leave the EU if Brussels failed to reform.

With the French and Germans having stated that they are against any potential renegotiation of the treaties, it is clear that all that Mr Cameron can honestly offer is a vote on continued EU membership or withdrawal.

This uncertainty is clearly hampering prospects for investment, and as we debate Scotland’s constitutional future, it is becoming clear that continued membership of the EU, the largest single market in the world, can only be guaranteed through Scottish independence.

Alex Orr