Idiotic policies

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In the past 28 hours my opinion of Ed Miliband has changed somewhat. Yesterday I thought he was an idiot. Today I know he’s an idiot.

Hasn’t he leaned anything from Nick Clegg’s famous “never” to tuition fees? Painting yourself into a corner is political suicide.

The idea that he would guarantee “Scottish home rule” in 100 days if Labour formed the next government is naive. He clearly doesn’t have confidence that the policies of his own party would be sufficient to sway the electorate and so he has to go trawling for the Scottish separatist votes.

Didn’t he understand the result of the referendum? The majority of Scots didn’t vote for anything other than to remain part of the UK.

Does he really think the number of seats which Labour might buy through this ill-considered proposition will be greater than the number he will lose south of the Border where voters will, quite rightly, wonder what’s going on when after a democratic referendum the views of the majority have been sidelined?

Alastair Gentleman