HS2 rail link a waste of £50bn

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SURELY only a political mind could conceive of squandering such a vast sum of money (£50 billion) on a restricted-user high-speed rail link (HS2) that will cut the journey time between Birmingham and London to one hour, 21 minutes – a saving of 32 minutes!

How on earth is this claimed saving justified and a boon to the UK economy qualified in this day and age of mobile telephones, emails, wi-fi, computer links and satellite communication?

Never mind the needless desecration of acres of outstanding beautiful countryside with the consequential adverse impact on wildlife and farming communities. How many folk are to be given their “marching orders” from their homes, some of which has housed folk for generations?

Maybe someone can explain to the minds behind this foolish endeavour that £50bn would have a greater beneficial effect nationally if this money was used to enhance the existing rail network. Now that would be a boon to the UK economy, and it is not rocket science to perceive this sensible choice.

Therefore let us hope that common sense will prevail and HS2 will be scrapped.

Dave Haskell, Cardigan