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David Roche (Letters, 17 November) is quite convinced of his own case that the Scots are being done down in their own land, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Whereas he calls me stupid, I would tend to the opinion that he is single-minded to the point of genius.

He says that all those born in Scotland of English and other stock will be Scots. No they won’t. It depends upon their 

Many immigrants to this country carry British passports, but are staunchly Pakistani, Indian or whatever (evidence proved by which team they support at Test matches).

By the same token, I assume that he takes the children of Scottish soldiers born in Germany or England to be German or English?

No. Again, sorry. I am afraid it does not work like that.

The thing that rabid Nationalists do not “get”, as he puts it, is that we have something all-
embracing that means his English son-in-law need not become a foreigner after the referendum.

By voting for the positive cause of retaining the Union, both he and his son-in-law 
will have the same nationality continuing; that of both being British.

If he votes for the negative, narrow, SNP destruction of the Union, his family will be divided into “them” and “us”.

Scotland and Scots have 
survived centuries of other people’s influence and will continue to do so. What Mr Roche objects to, in fact, though he seems not to realise it, is the old Scotland of chip on the shoulder and “cringe” disappearing as we forge our way ahead as a truly United Kingdom, trading with the Brics and the USA and gradually diminishing our relationship with the EU once we have dumped the separatist referendum in 2014.

It is a terrific vision for the 
future and one I am keenly 

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive


It is good to know that my old sparring partner (in matters Scottish), Mike Wilkinson, is alive and well and living in Strathmiglo (Letters, 19 November), albeit still missing the point.

I do wonder if he, and my other critics, actually read the 
article by Pete Martin (Perspective, 7 November) which highlighted the continuing 
nonsense of the key jobs in culture, the arts etc, still being gifted to, mostly English, incomers.

It is difficult to understand your correspondent’s rather 
puerile point about my own name: it is indeed Irish.

I am very proud of that, of my half-English and half-Swedish grandchildren and of my American granny.

Scotland needs, and welcomes, inward migration.

What it does not need is to perpetuate the forelock tugging which gifts the levers of influence to those not born or 
educated in Scotland to such a disproportionate extent.

That is so 20th century and so, well, daft.

David Roche

Alder Grove

Scone, Perthshire