Hot topic for the back burner?

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ON THE issue of same-sex ­relationships Euan McColm gets right to the heart of the matter (26 May). The ­issue is highly controversial and ­divisive and has already brought down a Cardinal, fatally divided the Church of Scotland and is currently threatening a Prime Minister. It is a mine waiting to blow the Yes campaign out of the water. McColm is right to speculate on why the Scottish government became “minded” to get itself into this mess.

Clearly it hoped that the matter would be dried, dusted and forgotten before the referendum, but this is obviously not now possible. There could indeed be post-referendum repercussions also, with such as Ukip intervention threatening Nicola Sturgeon’s 4,359 majority in socially conservative Glasgow South. If ever there was an issue that should be put on the proverbial back burner it is this one.

Alan Clayton, Strachur, Argyll