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Surely, the time has come to end the futile expenses of 
renewables, especially windmills, whose electricity output is near-useless to us, thus resembling the Holyrood Parliament, except that the latter is proving, if anything, even more dangerous to our native land.

The integrity of Glen Affric is, as you report (26 February), in the balance, threatened with destruction of its scenery by wind turbines.

Would the Scottish Government’s Reporter on the Glen Affric threats and the legislators accept a more useful proposal, to convert the Holyrood buildings into the world’s finest and biggest and most costly public lavatory?

That would certainly be a useful conversion, with entry charges applicable which could even go some way towards offsetting the cost of wind-based “renewables”, perhaps the most useless scam ever visited upon us, after today’s Scottish Parliament.

(Dr) Charles Wardrop

Viewlands Road West