Horse sense

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The discovery of horse DNA in beef products destined for the plates of children in North 
Lanarkshire (your report, 22 
February) should alarm us all.

The aggregation of food 
contracts means that it will be unsurprising if other Scottish local authorities make similar discoveries. Developing transparent local food supply chains for our public sector must now become a priority.

While I do not underestimate the practical challenges associated with such an approach, I believe it would yield economic and environmental 
benefits as well as providing much-needed reassurance to the general public.

The Scottish Government’s Procurement Reform Bill must be accompanied by a political push from the top to disaggregate contracts.

We must develop local supply chains for the £9 billion worth of goods and services the Scottish public sector buys every year – this includes but is not limited to food.

Colin Borland

Federation of Small 

Berkeley Street