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I read with great delight that local hero Michael Forbes had received national appreciation by being awarded the well-
deserved accolade “Top Scot” at the Spirit of Scotland awards ceremony (your report, 30 

Mr Forbes epitomises the virtues to which we should all aspire: he digs his heels in when he is in the right, and he doesn’t 
suffer fools and bullies gladly.

This award will hopefully give encouragement to him and 
others in the Menie estate who live under a cloud of possibly losing their homes for the 
sake of making the rich even richer.

Michael and other local residents may also be subject to harassment from Trump security and local police, for all we know, but after the arrest (and thankfully later release) of film-
makers Anthony Baxter and Richard Phinney, who seemed to get too close to the truth for Trump International’s comfort, will the media dare to try to publicise what Donald gets up to next?

Congratulations to Michael Forbes, not only on his award but for not giving in to tyrants.

Terry McGeary

Carnegie Hill

East Kilbride