High turnout

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THANK you for your editorial today, and your willingness to address the difficult position we may find ourselves in on 19 September, the day after the independence referendum.

The vote turnout is likely to be high, and the result is predicted to be close, which means that one half of Scotland may well wake up to feel disappointed, let down and downright cheated – particularly if the country divides (as some predict it will) on geographical lines with, say, the Western and Northern Isles, the Highlands, the North-East returning a strong vote to separate, but being outvoted by heavily populated Central Belt and Borders regions electing to remain in the Union. If that happens, in terms of popular political philosophy at least, we could well be, at that point, a sharply divided country.

Regardless of whose will prevails in September, we are going to need those plans B and C – strictly Scottish (this time) Better Together campaigns to help us deal with the realisation or dashing of our hopes (solemnly agreed beforehand by all of the political players at Holyrood) or we could yet live in interesting times for some years to come.

David Fiddimore, Edinburgh