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The Yes campaign says that an independent Scotland will
always get the government it chooses.

Given that devolution gives us much of that already, do those in the Yes campaign care at all about who governs the rest of the UK? Without the Scottish MPs, Westminster will be
governed by majority Tory
governments for the foreseeable future. Not only will this impact badly on English, Welsh and Northern Irish folk with whom we have so much in common but, even for those Scots who don’t care about that, it will
continue to affect Scotland.

Many of the Yes campaign promises rely on a very accommodating attitude from Westminster. Their view is that it’s worth breaking up the UK, one of the longest and most
stable political and economic
unions in the world, to avoid ever
having to live under a Tory
government again because they are so reactionary.

Why then assume the same Westminster Tory governments will be so obliging to more progressive Scottish governments once we become independent?

Donald Dewar said devolution was a process, not an event. A No vote is not so much a vote for the Union as a vote for that devolution process. Both sides seem to agree that devolution has been a success and I would argue that a No vote will allow it to develop further and build on that success.

Howard Gemmell

Mile-End Avenue