Heir turbulence

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Prince Charles has launched yet another tirade against scientists like me who refuse to take seriously the “dangers” of CO2, genetically-modified crops and all the other green shibboleths. Yet there are greater hazards in his favoured solutions to the ills besetting humanity and the planet – such as homeopathic therapies that treat cancer with coffee enemas.

His global warming and wind power obsession has helped make fuel poverty endemic among his future subjects and blighted Scotland’s iconic landscape and coastline. And his claim that GM crops result in farmland becoming “unsustainable, degraded and dysfunctional conurbations of unmentionable awfulness” is beyond parody.

As the gathering years finally take their toll on our present monarch, may we hope that her successor can be persuaded to leave portentous expressions of belief to his clergy?

Dr John Cameron

St Andrews, Fife