Heads must roll

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As a retired principal teacher who has had many years of preparing preliminary papers, in my experience the Scottish Qualifications Authority was very quick to tell us that a paper was not up to scratch; that we had not covered the required outcomes or we had covered the same point more than once.

How come this year’s questions were not easily recognised/matched to the learning outcomes/and of a similar type as past papers (your report, 22 May)?

It’s all very well saying that pupils will not be disadvantaged in grading but they already have been disadvantaged by having a very bad experience from first to last.

The papers will have been produced over the past couple of years and a whole raft of checks should have been done to make sure that they were fair and accessible.

It’s not only the setters to blame but all who have been involved and have failed to see the repercussions there would be. Heads must roll.

Roy McIvor

South Queensferry