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Ardent supporters of a No vote must, following the remarks of Alistair Darling on the Andrew Marr programme yesterday, be in no doubt that not only have they been denied the option of voting on a devo-max proposal by the established UK parties, but that the maximum further devolution outcome after a No vote would be “devo-min”.

The “smoke-and-mirrors” behind Chancellor George Osborne’s apparent declaration on the same programme a week previously that agreement had been reached by these parties on specific further powers have been exposed as a cynical attempt at deception of the Scottish public. Those who still believe that following a Yes vote there will be no negotiations regarding a currency union – a monetary union that most objective economic advisers agree would be in the best interests of both Scotland and rUK – are hopefully only deluding themselves and not Scotland’s increasingly informed citizens who, in greater numbers day by day, can see a more positive future for themselves, their families and the vast majority of our people in an independent Scotland.


East Lothian