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Your report (18 July) on the herring gull attack on radio 
presenter Gary Robinson is misleading.

It gives the impression that some of his injuries were caused by contact with the gull’s beak or claws, when it was, in fact, the impact of the hard road surface when he fell which caused all the damage, though that’s no consolation for poor Mr Robinson.

Since gulls are regularly vilified in the press, I always take the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings about their behaviour.

I appreciate that the experience must have been very traumatic for Mr Robinson, and for any others who have been dive-bombed by gulls in nest-defen­ding mode, so I’d like to offer some advice for people who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Gulls always go for the highest point of their “target”, so holding up a newspaper, a bag, or any other object above your head should deflect any potential
contact with the bird.

It’s just trying to get you to move away from its nest site. Unfortunately for Mr Robinson, the speed of his departure led to his literal downfall.

Carolyn Taylor