Gross excess

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I AM not a socialist and definitely not a nationalist but that does not mean I cannot recognise that there is a lot wrong with our society that needs urgently addressed.

It has been announced that the pay for the country’s top company directors has now risen to 85 times that of the average worker. This is not just wrong, it is immoral. There is nothing that can be said to justify it. And these directors are not worth the money.

It is not really a political matter – certainly not a party political matter – it is a people matter and should be acted upon by everyone. If these people feel they are worth their wages then there is no appealing to them, so the remedy lies with us – the rest of society.

Maybe it is a case for a complete withdrawal of labour from all companies that pay their directors over a certain sum?

Companies would continue to function without directors but would the directors be able to keep the company going if all the staff walked out?

This problem of overpaid members of our society is certainly not one that independence can rectify.

A problem like this transcends politics, and our career politicians, who have lost contact with the world the rest of us inhabit. We need a quiet revolution to bring reality and morality back to politics on all sides.

Ian Ross

Eden Lane