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I was glad that your reader highlighted the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook report (Letters, 14 November).

Far from the assertions made by the author of the letter that “nobody is following” Scotland’s commitment to renewable 
energy, the IEA report states 
that renewable energy has 
become an “indispensable part of the global energy mix” and showed there had been “a 
pronounced shift away from oil, coal (and in some countries, 
nuclear) towards natural 
gas and renewables” across the world.

Importantly, the report also predicts that renewables will become the world’s second-largest source of power generation by 2015, way ahead of where we are likely to be in the UK at that time.

The report also confirms 
that, globally, the level of 
subsidies given to fossil fuel-based electricity generators, such as coal and gas, was six 
times more than the financial support provided to renewable energy.

All of which stands in stark contrast to the vocal minority who repeatedly claim that renewable technologies, such as wind power, are too expensive.

Niall Stuart

Scottish Renewables

Gordon Street