Great sacrifice

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With the centenary of the 
start of the First World War upon us and with the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings fresh in our memories, one must surely reflect on the great sacrifice of the servicemen of these, our British Isles and their Allied comrades.

It must be a cause of great sadness to the vast majority of us that the narrow, inward-looking nationalism of Alex Salmond and his SNP supporters has created unwelcome and unnecessary divisions within Scotland and now seeks to destroy our United Kingdom.

Our four countries, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, are each distinct in many ways but there is so much that we have in common, so much that we share and so much that unites us.

During the two World Wars, the UK stood steadfast as one nation through the dark days of the Battle of the Somme, Dunkirk and the Blitz and during the subsequent battles which secured the Allies’ victory.

In the uncertain and increasingly violent world of today, we must continue to stand as one nation and not allow the SNP to sever the strong bonds and ties of more than 300 years which have held our United Kingdom family together.

Stuart Smith

West Lennox Drive