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Elisa Allen from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Letters, 6 July) raised an interesting point when she said that we could all save a lot of water by not eating meat.

I’m sure that to some extent she is right – particularly in terms of water used to clean the dirt from farms, abattoirs and lorries.

But would it not also be the case that if we ate even more vegetables and fruit, these would need more water?

And because we import so much of our vegetarian food, would that not end up being more damaging in the long run?


Ferry Road


Yes, Elisa Allen, we would save a lot of water if we stopped eating meat but that’s like saying we could save energy if we switched all the lights off at night.

It sounds like she and her organisation are trying to turn the whole world into vegans. It’s a ridiculous thought.

It is natural for human beings to eat meat – that is why we have the kind of teeth we have

I agree that we still have a long way to go in terms of how animals are treated in the farming process but I feel Peta is latching on to the water story because it fits its agenda.

There are millions of ways in which we could conserve water but you don’t hear Peta arguing for the closure of waterparks, swimming pools and car washes, do you?

And anyway, if every single person deprived themselves of meat, I dread to imagine what a weak and joyless bunch we would be.

I would also be interested in Peta’s view on pet ownership. Should we give our dogs tofu and lentils, or should we not own them at all?


Grange Road