Getting needled

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I WRITE with regard to your correspondents (Letters, 29 June) who make reference to the untimely demise of the white-throated needletail bird that was killed by flying inadvertently into the path of a wind turbine.

May I make the observation that this bird was an alien to these shores, it was not in possession of a twitcher’s permit, nor did it have a visa, it was – or so I am led to believe – without any family resident in Scotland. On the off-chance that other white-throated needletails may decide to visit us, I think that all wind turbines should be made redundant, dismantled and sold.

kj Wilson

Middle Norton


Why is it that when birds fly into aeroplanes, the birds are the problem; when they fly into wind turbines, the turbines are the problem?


Broomieknowe Gardens, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian