Gender pay gap

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Pete Martin (Perspective, 22 May) is concerned about the gender pay gap, but he shouldn’t be.

Those bemoaning the differences in average earnings between men and women in different sectors often seem to be imagining men and women doing exactly the same job, but being paid different salaries just because of their sex.

This is rarely, if ever, the case. The differences can be accounted for by different levels of career ambition and priority.

If women, on average, are less driven to career progression than men, it’s not the government’s, or anyone else’s, job to change it.

A successful society needs a blend of ambitions to maintain healthy families, local communities, charities, businesses, government and arts.

Anyone insisting that each sex be equally represented in each is a social engineer bent on overcoming natural inclinations for the sake of egalitarian theory.

Many feminists seem to have difficulty admitting victory, preferring instead to prolong a war that has already been won.

Richard Lucas