Gender balance

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I read, with increasing depression, the new leader of the Labour Party in Scotland’s witterings about the need for gender balance – particularly in parliamentary representation (your report, 22 August).

Surely what we need is the best people in parliament or on boards of directors etc. As far as I am concerned, if this means a majority of females that’s fine, or a majority of males – equally fine. Where is the problem with 
either of these options?

Furthermore, I see that this obsession with balance could lead to all sorts of difficulties. What if the voters don’t play ball and vote for more of one gender than the other?

Do we have a reshuffle? What happens if the women have babies? They need maternity leave – will a male member be required to stand aside for the duration?

And leaders? Should we have a joint leadership? One man – one woman? Or perhaps this would be an opening for hermaphrodites? Ridiculous? Of course, but no more so than the original proposition.

Eric Davidson

Ashfield Road