Gaza deal remote

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Israel is being roundly criticised for its assaults on Gaza. The civilian casualities are shocking.

The resumption of rocket att­acks on Israel seems to have triggered the attacks; what was Israel supposed to do?

It is hemmed in by others wishing it nothing but harm and absolute destruction.

Israel’s apparent intransigence in continuing with its restrictions on Gaza, and carrying on with new settlements, does not help in its relations with its neighbours and indeed globally. However, it reaffirms its absolute right to be there.

It seems any ceasefire will be broken by enemies. Perhaps if Israel recognises the legitimacy of a Palestinian state peace would be possible, but that also requires surrounding states to recognise fully the legitimacy of Israel. As it stands, with Isis establishing a caliphate hostile to everything and everyone non-fundamentalist Islamic not far away, the prospects for any long-term end to hostilities look bleak. Trying to block the appearance of Israeli artistes at the Edinburgh Festival seems unlikely to affect this.

Joe Darby