Friendly arming

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Isn’t there something bizarre about President Barack Obama asking America’s Congress for millions of dollars to buy arms for the moderates engaged in fighting the government in Syria?

Meanwhile, the consequences of such provision of armaments are all too evident in the turmoil in northern Iraq where a Jihadist movement is threatening to take over control of the entire country. The conduct of US foreign policy has all too apparently contributed to such turmoil and military mayhem.

The arms supplied to such ­interests are the same arms used to fire at US, British and other soldiers sent to countries such as Iraq reportedly in order to protect US and affiliated interests.

Talk about “friendly fire” – this is friendly arming of those you will be fighting against next week. Not to mention Middle East allies, the same suppliers of armaments, and reputedly troops, to the forces that US and its affiliate governments will be sending their own soldiers to fight against further down the line.

Isn’t somebody, perhaps us for instance, being absolutely misled about what is going on, not only in the Middle East, but most likely in many other places also?

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive