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Ross Wright (Letters, 9 February), writing on campaigns against the redefinition of marriage, states: “Postcards circulated by the Catholic Church contained only one option, to ‘vote’ against equal marriage – a perspective on democracy worthy of a third-world dictatorship.”

I remember exercising my free will when accepting the postcard, completing the postcard and posting it.

Ian Maxfield



Neil Barber, of the Edinburgh Secular Society, is obviously more qualified in anti-religious propaganda than in Biblical interpretation when he refers (Letters, 11 February) to “the Old Testament, from which I assume 
Mr Smart derives his anti-gay justification…” as if this was a well-known and self-evident truth.

While it might be the case that Aberdeen’s Rev Dominic Smart may have misinterpreted the 
relevant passages in Leviticus, 
Mr Barber’s slur on the text is

It quite clearly proscribes anal intercourse between two males but has no relevance to “being gay” in its absence.

The distinction would be analogous to that of openly kleptomaniac ministers who managed not to act on their urges in 

Objections to either would be based on the fear that they might be unable to control themselves in future, but cannot be attributed to the Biblical text per se.

Martin D Stern

Hanover Gardens

Salford, Greater Manchester