For peat’s sake

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RSPB head Stuart Housden states the Strathy South wind farm would make restoration of the Flow Country “much more difficult” (your report, 6 June).

I would raise serious concerns about the intent behind this comment given that SSE is pledging to restore and manage a vast area of more than 30 square km of peatland in the Flow Country as part of our proposal.

Contrary to its self-styled public image, the RSPB does not have a monopoly on caring about birds and the environment and independent experts have spent many years researching and maximising the environmental integrity of this project.

SSE has a working heritage in the Highlands stretching back generations and we are very encouraged that the local community council which would host the wind farm gave its formal support for the project, which was also recommended for approval by planners.

Local people and businesses are already seeing millions of pounds and many jobs gained from the consented Strathy North wind farm nearby ­– all in an area of the country with a very fragile economy. Strathy South has the potential to bring even more investment as well as provide one of the biggest peatland restoration programmes ever seen in the UK.

Nicki Small

SSE project manager

Strathy South