Flouting sex laws

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Peter Donoghue, who represents Edinburgh “saunas”, stated in weekend reports that a strategy of rebranding prostitutes as 
“sex therapists” would be employed if necessary to enable these brothels to continue to flout the law.

This cunning plan might have enjoyed a greater chance of success had Mr Donoghue not blatantly stated it so cynically.  

Because some clients are lonely, disabled or bereaved, prostitute campaigners claim that they are “sex therapists”, but they actually exploit such vulnerable people, using the emotional bond created by sex to hook them into an expensive, often addictive and ultimately unsatisfying cycle. Prostitutes are no more “sex therapists” than drug dealers are “pharmaceutical therapists”.

In the progressive tradition, all dissent is labelled a “phobia”, so we should not be surprised that the remarkable term “whorephobia” is now emerging to diagnose those “unenlightened” souls who have moral objections to sex work.

Richard Lucas


Colinton, Edinburgh