Flag fuss flusters

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I am amazed that the furore over the now former Labour Shadow attorney general’s tweet showing a house, two flags of 
St George and a white van should still be ongoing.

Am I the only person in the UK who is totally bewildered?

I see nothing wrong in a ­patriotic Englishman displaying his national flag. Equally, what’s wrong with white vans? Some people go to work in them.

I know some very nice gardeners who have them. I also know lots of folk of all classes who hire them to move things like furniture.

Unfortunately, the making of my point requires some personal details: I have two university degrees, I have worked on farms, I have been a member of a political party and represented it at a local level.

I read a lot about politics and current affairs and absorb a lot more on radio and TV. I write a lot of letters (some silly perhaps) to national newspapers. Does this make me a reasonably aware man of the world?

In any event, despite this wealth of experience, I 
truthfully have absolutely no idea what the fuss is about; I cannot see what insults have been thrown at anyone.

I have no idea what the media and all our politicians have been in convulsions about.

Those at the top of Labour, who forced or persuaded poor Emily Thornberry – who seemed every bit as competent as most of her colleagues – to resign are clearly the silliest of all.

John Slee

Hopetoun Terrace