Findlay Labour’s best candidate

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SOCIAL justice is an aspiration bandied about by politicians on a regular basis, however their strategy for actually achieving it is all too ­often unconvincing or totally absent.

During BBC2’s recent leadership hustings, though, a clear and unambiguous example was given of how social justice could be delivered in the event of there being Council Tax rises in the future: “Those who need our help most should pay no more; those with the broadest shoulders, like me, should bear more of a burden”. That is what Neil Findlay said to the programme’s host, and it is perhaps unsurprising then that he has secured the support of the Unite, Unison, Aslef, Ucatt, NUM, TSSA, RMT, CWU and GMB trade unions.

Those are all organisations whose hundreds of thousands of members are fed up with politicians seeking re-election with promises of social justice but when back in office continuing to preside over the social injustice of poverty pay, crumbling public services and food banks.

Ordinary folk north of the Border are desperate for Labour to return to its roots, to be a party existing predominantly for folk who need its support and protection rather than for those who repeatedly call for austerity budgets but are themselves unaffected by them.

Of all the three candidates it is arguably Neil Findlay who realises that most clearly. Is it not he therefore who offers the best hope, if elected leader, for Labour to regain the trust and votes of its traditional supporters here in Scotland?

Korstiaan Allan, Edinburgh