Final insult

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THE swing to the SNP in the election is a resounding declaration from the Scottish people that they have had enough of the poor and declining calibre of Westminster government.

The Tories cannot be trusted with the economy. They have followed Labour’s “loads of money” route, increased the national debt and will do so again with more and more loans as they have severely restricted sources of income by promising no tax increases for the next five years. The austerity cuts are a drop in the ocean in relation to the increasing debt. Prime Minister David Cameron keeps telling the public that his party is good for the economy and they believe him.

It was immediately after the referendum result that many in Scotland realised that yet again they had been had by scaremongering and dubious promises and felt insulted by such treatment. A survey at the time showed that one in four No voters were influenced accordingly. The result otherwise could have been 59 per cent Yes and 41 per cent No. Many were made much more politically aware. The UK election was the first opportunity to express this newfound awareness.

The result was almost a clean sweep for the SNP. More and more are clearly seeing that independence for Scotland is the solution, the only way to achieve a progressive and transparent government for the 21st century able to restore our financial values and self-esteem. The United Kingdom, dominated by ­England, has had its day.

Brian Hunter

Liberton Place