Fighting jihad

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In a fit of absence of mind Prime Minister David Cameron gave a let-out to every Jihadist barbarian by claiming that most of the modern world’s troubles derive in some way from British
follies. The reality is that in spite of the imperial hubris of Churchill, Eden and Blair, the failures of the Muslim world today are rooted in its own ­society rather than in our past misdeeds.

The troubles in the Islamic Crescent derive from a medieval culture that oppresses women and cannot cope with innovation based on an intrusive, unreformed religion.

My Muslim friends argue their religion is not inherently violent. As a Christian cleric, I find our evangelicals just as much a menace as the Wahhabis.

We can do little to change the course of events in the Crescent but we have a clear duty to prevent Islamist militancy spreading its pernicious influence within our own societies.

(Rev Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place,

St Andrews, Fife