Fend for ourselves

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Jackie Kemp suggests that there is no obligation for people to receive free meals while in hospital unless they are on a low income (Perspective, 29 August). This seems perfectly fair to me, but she then goes on to complain about the cuts that will be incurred in other government budgets if the funding of the NHS budget is ring-fenced. This is a contradiction.

We need to cut all budgets (including the NHS). It is no more necessary for patients to get free meals than it is for everyone to get free glasses or social care. We have become a nation of social dependants unable to look after ourselves and our loved ones. If we take her theory to the end point, we should all work for the state for nothing and be given all we need to live by the state in return. I have heard of this before and the idea appals me.

Much needs changed, but to tinker with the current scenario is not the answer – nor is independence. We need to work towards a fairer and more just society where we retain all our individual freedoms and the right to decide and work for ourselves. The state should be the point of last resort, not the machine that drives and maintains us. We are supposed to be a nation of free-thinking individuals – let’s create a society where we are able to make our own decisions and develop a new way of looking after ourselves and our fellow countrymen.

Ian Ross

Eden Lane