Feathering nests

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The public should be unsurprised by the latest revelations concerning Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw.

When Rifkind was decisively rejected by the Scottish electorate, he had no hesitation in following the example of the late Teddy Taylor in moving down south to a rock-solid Tory seat.

Sadly, far too many MPs do not enter parliament to serve their country but utilise their position to feather their nests in and out of office.

Sir Malcolm says he has plenty of time for reading and walking, but I am willing to bet he has not reduced the size of the staff he is allowed, as an MP or a minister.

The extent to which this privileged employment is abused was exemplified by Peter Hain, who, (after presumably exhaustive interviews), was unable to find anyone more suited to be his secretary than his octogenarian mother.

Finally, those who think Jim Murphy has moved north to rescue the Scottish Labour Party should ask themselves if he has a “Plan B”, viz to get on the lists for Holyrood, to protect himself, (the Murphy Party), from the imminent disaster forecast by the polls.

Joseph G Miller

Gardeners Street