Fat chances

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Your article highlighting how hospitals and supermarkets should do more to end obesity in Scotland (16 August) has made me wonder why there is such an uproar about people being overweight.

It seems there is too much intereference in our lives 
already by the government, such as smoking bans and minimum pricing of alcohol.

Now we have another bout of government ministers intervering in our personal choice and lifestyle. It is excruciating that governments don’t seem to realise that cheap supermarket food and fast foods that are high in sugar and salt are the cheapest ways for parents on low incomes to feed themselves and their children. With such a high instance of child poverty in Britain, surely the answer lies in the development of a society that is fair, where people can afford the better quality food through higher wages, and have more access to cheap leisure activities through less involvement in work.

The government’s emphasis is directed at the lower-scale earners, again avoiding the fat cats, whose bellies are filled with the best wines and beef.

My message to the health minister is to get the tax off the rich and leave the workers alone, as the basics of their policies are to penalise the working classes for living and making informed choices in their life.

Michael Donaldson

Plains, Airdrie