False promises

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IT SEEMS the so-called debate on Monday has been the catalyst for the increase in vitriol emanating from the SNP and Yes camp over the past week, highlighted by the unpleasant performance given by the First Minister on Monday evening when he was permitted to ignore the agreed “rules” of the debate whenever he wished to do so.

Polling day approaches and it is now clear we will be bombarded by more fanciful and disingenuous claims from the First Minister and his acolytes.

It has to be borne in mind that if we wake up to a Yes vote on 19 September, all the misinformation and false claims and promises made by the Yes camp will be an irrelevance.

The non-existent legal opinion on the subject of Europe, the non-existent talks entered into with the Bank of England on currency union: “it’s our pound and we are keeping it”; we will remain part of Nato; we will have the foreign Bank of England as lender of last resort and don’t forget we will keep the Queen – will mean nothing as the die will have been cast and no amount of outrage or shouts of foul play will result in the clock being turned back.

Richard Allison

Braehead Loan