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It was interesting to read four letters published in The Scotsman (20 November) accusing me of false witness and of being an extremist religious theocrat etc.

I stand completely by the comments that the Scottish ­Secular Society (SSS) is an anti-religious organisation that uses the guise of secularism as a cover for its anti-religious programme.

Anyone looking at its Facebook page will note that the vast majority of the threads are attacking and mocking religion (this week, for example you get one of their Scotsman letter writers saying of me: “He won’t be happy until a militant fundi atheist crucifies him outside his beloved Dens Park”).

The fact that a handful of members profess to be religious is of no more significance than the fact that some members of the BNP are non-white. It is interesting that SSS wants to create an “open democratic process” by banning the things it doesn’t agree with. Orwell would have been proud.

In its petition to the Scottish Parliament SSS was unable to provide one example of “creationism” being taught in science classes in Scottish schools.

Ken Cunningham, general secretary of School Leaders ­Scotland, writing to the Scottish Parliament in response to the SSS petition, has also accused the society of using “inflammatory rhetoric”.

They are indeed using this issue as a Trojan Horse to try and exclude Christianity from public education.

Speaking of false accusations, let me point out that I do not seek church control over schools, I do not want religion taught as science, nor do I ask that my church be allowed to indoctrinate all with our beliefs.

I do, however, ask that we be allowed to express those ­beliefs in public, in politics and in ­education; and that we have the right, according to the UN ­charter of human rights, to have our children educated according to those beliefs – a right which SSS seeks to remove. Personal abuse and claims of “misrepresentation” don’t take away from facts.

Just because I refuse to bow before the secularist faith does not mean I should be crucified.

David Robertson

Solas CPC


The claim from the Scottish Secular Society, an organisation whose real membership could probably fit into a phone box, that only 0.01 per cent of the Scottish population associate with the Free Church of Scotland, is laughable.

This would equate to a mere 500 folks – ironically Rev David Robertson’s congregation of St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee will have more than 500 people in their church building this weekend, never mind counting another 100 congregations. Given that the Scottish Secular Society cannot even get simple facts right, it further brings into question the credibility of their organisation and its sectarian and bigoted anti-religious agenda.

Gordon Bell

The Free Church 
of Scotland

The Mound