Falkirk furore

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Your article on the current furore regarding the Labour Party’s selection of a general election candidate for Falkirk (5 July) was comprehensive in quoting all the major players and naming them in a helpful box. However, one name was missing.

Has Johann Lamont, who is supposedly the “leader” of the party in Scotland, nothing to say about this?

It is, after all, a major row that has already resulted in the resignation of Labour’s UK general election campaign co-ordinator, Tom Watson, and the suspension of key figures in the Falkirk Labour Party and threatens to become the type of scandal that engulfed Labour in the 1980s with problems of alleged “entryism” by the Militant Tendency.

One would have thought that the woman in charge of the party in Scotland would be taking responsibility for the problems and sorting it out, or am I missing something here?

Gavin Fleming