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A few facts for Bill Greenock (Letters, 21 November). In 2009-10, according to the recent Report of the Review of Higher Education Governance in Scotland, principals’ salaries in the sector averaged over £200,000 per annum, comfortably in excess of the Prime Minister’s salary, or that of a Cabinet minister.

Admittedly, further education principals have not enriched themselves on this scale, though it is not unusual for them to be paid more than £100,000 per annum.

These salary levels were not reached overnight, and they 
justify my assertion that 
Scottish Labour presided over a golden age of management 
in further and higher 

It is irrelevant that the Major government was responsible for the incorporation of colleges.

As for senior management pension entitlements, it is also 
irrelevant to say that they are calculated in the same way as those of non-promoted staff.

Non-promoted staff do not have an astronomical final 
salary on which to base the calculation.

Finally, I do not accept that the substantial rise in management numbers was as inevitable as Bill Greenock suggests.

Alastair Mcleish

Ashley Drive