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Jim Ratcliffe, the chairman of Ineos, has announced a plan to invest £640 million in shale 
gas exploration (your report, 21 November).

Ineos said it will give local communities 6 per cent of the revenues from the shale gas it produces, with 4 per cent going to homes and landowners above the well and 2 per cent to the wider local community.

Already those against fracking are making allegations of bribery and corruption.

Why did they not make these allegations when wind farm 
developers promised huge sums of money to the local 
community to get planning permission?

A planning application has been submitted for the Glen Ullinish Wind Farm in Skye.

£250,000, every year, has been offered for the communities affected by this development and the Isle of Skye and Highland Council has been promised that it will receive £6.25 million every year of the wind farm’s 

We are talking about 25 years, which is £162.5m, so there must be a lot of profit (subsidies) in the turbine business.

I am sure, however, that the authority will not be

Clark Cross

Springfield Road