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JOHN Reid makes an excellent point that the voters need to know what the everyday costs will be to individual households, such as the future cost of a “Scottish” driving licence, passport, TV licence. What about our Premium Bonds? Will we really have to make a cross-border journey (and all that will undoubtedly entail) to buy them or (should we ever win!) to collect the prizes? This is the current rule for foreign nationals holding bonds.

These may seem trivial points and doubtless easily rebuffed by those with “higher” concerns – but there will be many more such questions in the uncertain future offered by the Yes campaign, made more uncertain by their determination not to consider any view other than their own.

It does seem that, through the constant “bluff and bluster” that we receive from the “Anti-UKs”, Alex Salmond’s place in history is secure, for we have had the “Old Pretender”, the “Young Pretender” and now we are being offered the “Great Pretender”.

Morris Manson, Scottish Borders