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THE general election has taken off and the leaflets are arriving through our doors, urging us to vote for this party and support that policy. All very interesting!

Scotland has a lot of poverty and little has been done by the Scottish Parliament to abolish it.

How can we have 100,000 children living in poverty and 51,000 people using food banks, in a country that is so wealthy? Of course the wealth is not evenly distributed so that large areas of our cities are deprived. The question I want to ask is how is it that we have two parliaments – one in Westminster and one in Edinburgh – and yet poverty and food banks have not been abolished?

Duncan Exley of the Equality Trust writes: “Those who manage our biggest companies are typically paid £4 million a year. It would take someone on a living wage around 375 years to earn just a year’s worth of this pay.”

The situation is likely to get worse, so how are the parliaments going to start transforming our society to abolish poverty and food banks?


Wellhead Close

South Queensferry