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When I was reading Andrew Whitaker’s report (24 December)on the haphazard information coming in from councils regarding the number of wind turbines currently operational, it was some relief to read that the council umbrella body Cosla had stated that “Scotland’s councils do know how many wind turbines are up and running in their area”.

Could we, therefore, be told the number of turbines and for, say, the last 30 days their combined power output and the percentage of the country’s electricity usage this represents for each day.

This information would be of use to us plebs who get a bit confused with some of the terminology in use in the power generating industry.

If we could be given this information on a regular basis in future, so much the better. In these days of computers, it should not take long to assimilate.

Iain Davenport

Mauricewood Park

Penicuik, Midlothian