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Brian Wilson has lit the fuse on the renewable energy time-bomb with his statement that Scotland might have to import cheap nuclear energy under independence (“So much for the power of Scotland”, 29 March). But, wait a minute Brian, did our Dear Leader not promise that the wind was free and his renewable policies would save the planet?

The SNP has ploughed millions into numerous projects that have failed to get off the ground. Think Skykon, Vestas, Korea’s Doosan, Spain’s Gamesa, Proven and others. The biomass plant proposed for Dundee has recently been cancelled. Then of course there is that huge white elephant, carbon capture and storage and the boast that Scotland would lead the world. Grants? Millions of pounds. How many have been built? Zero.

Brian Wilson echoes the words of Michael Fallon, the UK energy minister, who stated that an independent Scotland might not remain part of the UK’s single energy market. Why should the rest of the UK subsidise Scotland’s renewables when it can buy electricity far cheaper from France, the Netherlands or Ireland? Europe is now ignoring emission reduction targets and putting economic survival first.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian