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Struan Stevenson MEP has launched his book, The Myth of Green Energy, and said: “In every country where wind turbines have been installed they have failed to demonstrate economic feasibility; they have failed to demonstrate viability as a solution to global warming; they have failed to achieve significant CO² reduction and have failed to provide efficient electricity production or protection of the 

A prime example is Germany, which has long been held up by the green zealots as a shining
example of the renewables 

Germany built 22,200 wind turbines; built solar panels; closed down its nuclear power plants and outlawed shale gas extraction. The result was the second most expensive electricity in Europe.

The most expensive is Denmark , which has 6, 200 turbines.

Now Germany is building 23 new coal-fired power plants. and Germany’s coalition wants to end the moratorium on shale gas stating: “We cannot afford an ideological ban.”

Germany’s environment minister said: “Wind electricity from our 22,200 turbines is 
unaffordable and unreliable.”

Germany has not reduced CO² levels at all because it had to build additional coal-burning plants to support unreliable wind power.

Our scientifically illiterate politicians refuse to listen and keep building these useless expensive wind turbines to 
satisfy their egos.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road