End of Labour

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So on the day the polls tell us the SNP are at 49 per cent and Labour at 24 per cent Ed Miliband comes back to Scotland with Project Fear Mark 2 – full fiscal autonomy will be a disaster, there will be a black hole, you won’t get your pensions etc. Well, it worked in the referendum so it must work again, won’t it?

Actually no. Even if it worked in the referendum 45 per cent still voted Yes and while that is a minority in a referendum it is a winning figure in almost every constituency in Scotland.

Also, people no longer believe the scare stories; the unionists have cried wolf too many times. Finally, the SNP have now more than 100,000 members working hard across Scotland to get their message over.

This election may see a 
hung parliament at Westminster, however it will also see the beginning of the end for Labour in Scotland.

As someone who spent 35 years as a Labour Party member, councillor and MEP I can only say they deserve the disaster facing them.

Hugh Kerr

Wharton Square