Edinburgh banking still in business

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Congratulations to Irvine Inglis for a thought-provoking letter (14 June).

At mind numbing cost, the UK government saved the Scottish banking sector and since 2007 we have seen new banks open here. The financial services sector remains and Edinburgh offers a wide range of quite different specialist providers all looking for a larger market. 

To present ourselves as the northern equivalent of London is ambitious, but what is wrong with that? At present, Newcastle looks to London, Leeds and Edinburgh for services. When the A1 becomes a motorway, it will draw the north-east of England closer to us. If we reject independence, we should insist that the UK government reject the London-centric focus. The idea of joint capitals was floated ten years ago and 30 years ago it was to move the Ministry of Defence to Glasgow. Most importantly, Mr Inglis is calling for us to look south and be more ambitious! 

Hugh Mackay 

Blacket Place